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People may perceive the Value of Gold Coins differently

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

Since the coins which we collect are made from such a valuable commodity there is actually a benefit beyond the rarity, if it is an old coin, or the ability of it to help complete a specific collection. This is relatively sensible if you think about it, I mean how many hobbies actually can say that? Being produced from gold is an appealing aspect of collectors however they are likely to have other reasons for showing an interest, and a willingness to spend some decent cash in order to acquire them. This was apparent at one of the coin shows which we attended late last year as there was indeed plenty of interest in everything including the lower priced gold bullion coins merely because they are made from gold.

There are always going to be those people who say that gold has reached the highest value which it is going to and that the value of many of the coins will drop as a result of this. However this is only an opinion and not anything for sure so the speculation continues in this area. This is great because it really keeps things interesting and when you are at an event like that coin show was you get to see a lot of first hand evidence of just how things really are. This was fun, as are most of the events, but it was interesting because in the news at that time you could hear even more naysayers as we call them saying how the 5 dollar gold coin value was down and it was time to sell. Now, not too many actual collectors were there looking to sell because of the price of gold which is usually the case.

Those who were selling were coin dealers for the most part since that is their business. They will buy and sell all types of coins, not just gold ones, at every event no matter what is in the news. This is however also the place where they are able to acquire some very nice coins because those who are selling, for whatever reason, are also going to be of the mindset that the show is where to get this done for the best possible price.

There is a good deal of logic to this way of thinking and we usually find something of interest to buy as well. At that particular show we found a few 5 dollar gold coins for sale which we had been looking for which was a really nice surprise. These were for sale by someone who had no doubt decided that it was the best time to sell their coin collection and many of the gold pieces had appeal to other collectors who did indeed pay a premium price in most instances. This is just the way it goes at these kinds of events. Some people are there to buy and others are there to sell based on their perception of either news stories or the current gold coin values. This is very typical yet it is always a lot of fun too.