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Recent Observations of the Gold Market

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Following the various indexes may not be for everyone who enjoys coin collecting, but in a way they are investors. The heavy volatility which exists in the markets is beyond a lot of what we do as collectors but did you ever stop to think how the price of gold today could affect the gold coin values in your collection? At the last coin show we attended there was quite a lot of talk about the way that gold prices have been fluctuating up and down in the recent months.

For a long time the prices were just going up and up nearly everyday but that has since changed. Still a lot of the folks who are into investing in the commodities like gold and bullion are still saying that they are continuing to hold tight even though most of them could sell at a profit since they got in earlier in the game when prices were on the upshot.

We have not seen much talk about this in the news recently, just mentions of the daily activities in the market and opinions of the value of the dollar is all. But even so the fact is that the gold coins which are the basis of most of the numismatic interests are not really affected in the same way as pure bullion for instance. The value does not solely lie within the weight (in ounces) of these coins in other words. Less of the volatility is just fine with me though. This makes it a lot easier to know what the gold coins in your coin collection are actually worth, without having to worry about the current price of gold either.

Commodity prices of all types will go through many periods of wild swings in their valuations. This is after all the very definition of speculative investing. Coin collecting on the other hand offers a much more stable way to actually own gold though. This is fine by me and for plenty of other folks we spoke with at the last coin show. The whole scenario of investing is just a bit too awkward right now, but then again, those who are the most involved in the market tend to enjoy that kind of chase. It takes a real familiarity with the trending found in the data unless you simply have someone else managing things for you. This is ultimately a lot of work and since the straight upward valuations of gold in the marketplace have begun to change it does not appear to be drawing anywhere near the attention it was earlier in the year.