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Gold Prices Fall yet again this Year

Thursday, June 20th, 2013

Precious metals have felt the effects of the economy lately as prices of gold have fallen significantly this year. The idea that the efforts of the Federal Reserve buying bonds will be winding down is behind much of the loss in value. Gold is not the only metal feeling the down-turn currently though. Mining ETFs, silver and copper have also felt the blunt blows of reality. It really depends on who you talk to as there are no set dates and the bond buying shall continue basically unchanged for now. Being able to forecast the economic climate over the rest of this year is simply not possible. However, the lowered gold prices could be signaling buying opportunities. The difference in gold values from as recently as last year vs. this year are tremendous, thus the speculation remains as treacherous as ever. This is especially true in the economic climate today when investors are basing many decisions on reports of only the potential easing of the monetary policies which have played such an intrinsic role in the gold values recently. After all, once the dust settles some time this year most likely, the old facts such as escalated debt and maybe even inflation could result in another run in gold prices.