Gold Coin Dollar Trading

We have spent a good deal of time over the years attending auctions as well as estate sales which have in all reality turned out to be real duds unfortunately. But this is the reality of modern day treasure hunting and it is simply all a part of the game. In reality you have to be prepared to take the wins with the losses (and they can be very time consuming either way), when you are attending estate sales and auctions especially. It really does take a lot of work to track down and then obtain the goodies such as various gold coins which is what we are constantly on the lookout for. But this is also exciting too.

Five Dollar Gold Coin

Finding old gold coins is certainly rewarding every time that it happens but it certainly does not happen every venture which we set out on. Finding the quality sale from the time waster may be a challenge but there are certainly several indicators which help right from the get go. However it is tough to judge these events by first impressions alone.

After many years of spending time doing this, we have also been making great contacts and tend to trade among other coin collectors as well as dealers. This network keeps inventories fresh as well as helps others out with certain coins which they are looking for. Although there is certainly a fine art to trading it can be a great way for anyone to acquire the gold coins which they may otherwise not be able to find or afford.

The main thing to keep in mind is that you will need to have something which the other party wants or else a trade may be much more difficult and you may not exactly win as far as value for your gold coins go. And there is always the option to trade your time for the opportunity to get a good buy on what it is that is being sold at auctions and estate sales if you are ready for it. Just be prepared to spend a lot of time waiting because sometimes the items which you are interested in bidding on will not be dealt with for several hours, especially in really large auctions.