Buying Gold Coins at Estate Sales

Although you never know quite what you will find when you hit the estate sales in hopes of buying gold coins there are often several indications of the quality of what you may find but sometimes even these indicators are misleading.

Five Dollar Gold Coin

Based on the advertising expenses for example most individuals will not spend a great deal on advertising the sale because there may be no need to do so in their specific area. Typically those who frequent estate sales as well as auctions will keep up on when and where the sales are going to take place. Some of the most basic and simple ways of getting the word out will be good old standbys such as the local newspaper as well as hand made signs in the general vicinity of the sales location. These will very often not mention the gold coins or other items for sale. With advertising space being limited and often quite expensive you will need to take a look at some additional clues as to what you may find at any given sale or auction.

If you research the neighborhood you may get an indication of what the contents of the home may be just by the quality and upkeep of the area. In general if you are seeing that a neighborhood is rather high end then there is certainly a good chance that you will find more expensive or valuable items to be found making up the contents of the sale. On the other hand this is certainly no more than just a handy rule of thumb. We have found some very satisfactory coins at some less than high quality properties over the years.

A good example of one of these situations would be the time we found several five dollar gold coin examples in a shoe box. This particular sale was made up of a huge variety of virtually worthless old household items which were in nearly unusable condition. There did happen to be one closet which had contained several boxes and the sellers where simply not interested in the fact that these boxes contained old coins as well as many other interesting gold trinkets.

20 Dollar Gold Coin

The number of five dollar gold coins was only about half a dozen but this was impressive enough as it caused our interest level to raise enough to actually buy all of the boxes. In the end we had accumulated approximately two dozen excellent examples of how buying gold coins when you don’t really expect to find them can work out however unexpectedly. These included some not so valuable and some very valuable gold coins. The main point being that we did not expect a find like this in a rather junky old dwelling but then again this is a form of modern day treasure hunting.

The other beneficial point of this is to keep in mind that just because the property of the sale looks like it is unkempt you really never know what you may find inside. There are certainly tell tale signs which should be used as basic indicators of whether you will find trash or treasure but you will never truly know until you are in the property actually seeing the golden contents with your own eyes.