Appreciating the 5 Dollar Gold Coin and the Past

The 5 dollar gold coin includes the Half Eagles which some people may know as part of the Liberty Head Series of coins. These are part of many wonderful coin collections today and like most things this old people can really show a great appreciation of them. Times were very different when examples of the 5 dollar gold coin were made, for instance the 1854 $5 gold coins. In comparison these coins were made much differently than the way that coins are minted today. However the technology which existed back in the 1800s has to be appreciated based upon what they had to work with. However, as technology improves so does the overall consistency of the coins being made.

If you take a look further into the coins of this era you will find the name of James Longacre who was behind the design of these original Liberty head gold coins. This is again worthy of appreciation if you consider the technology of the day. Yet it is a beautiful design nonetheless with the multiple stars around the head of the Statue of Liberty. This is obviously an attempt to show a true tribute to the wonderful statue and what it represents. The sense of freedom in the United States at that time must have been awesome.

The composition of gold within coins of the era did vary by coin with some having .900 gold. More than just a bullion value being attached to these coins, even in bad condition, the typical coin collector will certainly be able to find an appreciation for them. We see lots of older 5 dollar gold coins for sale from many different eras. Each one will have its own unique claim to fame so to speak. Yet we should never loose our appreciation for the older gold coins from the past.

Technology has changed greatly but when you look at some of what was produced with minimal tools to work with compared to the standards today, it is a wonder that any of the old coins could survive in such significant numbers as they do today. This truly does make it even more exciting to be involved with coin collecting.

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